Sunday, December 16, 2018

Praise the Fallen

There were those demented powers that wanted to return all to naught, to become one with the Ever Slumbering Void.  Pantheons collided and the heavens shattered with war.  Untold cosmic powers were lost without their names ever spoken by mortal tongues.  Countless legions fell.  Defeated in their gambit of annihilation, they scattered across the universe.  Several of the Fallen, fell to this world, forever imprisoned at their point of impact...

Praise the Fallen is a one-shot dungeon where the players explore the lair of a Fallen Angel Cult.    It is designed to challenge low to mid-level characters.  It is a place where alignment matters and foolish decisions have consequences.  It is also a place where the players may find strange bed-fellows as they ultimately try to thwart the cult from resurrecting an angel of destruction.

Praise the Fallen is an OSR styled module compatible with most versions of the world's most popular role-playing game.  16 page PDF, (including cover and title page.)

 The main map.

A High Priest of the Cult.

Now available as Pay-What-You-Want at DriveThruRPG

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Photographic Interlude...

Getting too cluttered to actually draw there.

Avant Garde.  Want your OSR gaming mind blown?   Pic one.  

More mind-blowing books.  Medieval authentic?  You bet.

 It's shameful that I only now bought this game.   A few blogs have peaked my interest and the non-traditional dice aren't so bad, except the d5 and d7..... those are dumb.

 Love Palladium, don't care what you say.

 Having a great cover artist is a good way to make people buy books they will never use.  Will I buy Pathfinder 2?.......Yep.

 Just because.

 Been a backer from the beginning.  Gorgeous books.  Latest book, Yndaros the Darkest Star, arrives in about a week.

 Again, when you like a game, go big.  You can do anything with Mongoose Traveller and the 1st Edition Core Rulebook is perfect. The 2nd Edition books are sitting on a table next to that shelf, the rule tweaks within are great, but the interior color art is not.  Don't go full color unless you're getting the best, otherwise keep it simple.

 Dictionary-Sized Dungeon.  Hard to imagine actually running this behemoth, but the mere fact this book exists makes me smile.

Artesia.  Think, Conan meets Joan of Arc, Lingerie meets Plate Mail.  What could possibly go wrong?  Nothing, it's amazing.

 Other than Larry Elmore's BECMI paintings, this was my favorite D&D cover.

 Speaking of...this just arrived.

Not bad.  But here's hoping for an edgier 6th Edition.

 Dragonlance anyone?  It's a spear, I know.  If things got medieval, what weapon would you want? Most characters don't use spears, but in real life, I think it'd be a good choice.

Ending on a tangent.  Best comic cover ever.

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