Friday, December 30, 2022

Praise The Fallen PoD Amazon

Several of you have been asking for this and it's probably long over do. I had to add a few things just to make it long enough for KDP printing, such as: A title page, contents page, player maps, 8 pregens -- nothing fancy, just simple stats with some art that I've never published (heavy on female dwarves, but dwarves feature, so, it fits) a page for notes, my B/X character sheet, and the original Fallen sketch. Comes to about 25 pages (the minimum is 24.)

I thought about reformatting the whole thing, but figured the charm is in the original presentation. I did however, sharpen up the arrows, making them easier to read as they cross over black areas. I accidently set the cover on matte finish as opposed to glossy, and have decided to leave it thus because it reminds me of the "void" theme throughout.

Why not PoD at DriveThruRPG? I've never figured out how to do covers on DriveThru. Amazon is so much easier. 

Now, Praise The Fallen has been printed before. There's a beautiful layout of it in KNOCK! #1, but that is hard to come by and much pricier.


Praise The Fallen Amazon Link

Monday, December 19, 2022

Artist Tribute: Alfonso Azpiri

I don't consider myself as having gotten good at drawing figures until about 14 years ago. 2008/2009 was when I had my break through moment. And I credit it to this guy: Alfonso Azpiri. It was his art that helped me crack the female code. Up until then, like most dudes, I only drew dudes. Now I seldom draw dudes.

The Spanish Azpiri (1947-2017) understood female beauty better than most. His art was mainly of the "adult" variety and quite frankly, it can be mesmerizing. If you were a reader of Heavy Metal magazine, you probably encountered his stuff. It was by studying his work that I realized, it's all about the face. I know, shocker, we know this from real life. But if you can draw a beautiful face, errors elsewhere will be forgiven, overlooked. 

And God Damn, do the Spanish have a knack for art. Most of the great Horror magazine artists from the 70s/80s (Vampirella and such) were Spanish.

My Azpiri collection.

Lorna was his most famous character.

An amazing Batgirl.


And he could draw a bad-ass Conan too.

Thank you, Azpiri, I salute you.

I'm finally working on another book, one that is 100% compatible with the letters B and X. Not just an adventure.


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