Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Sision Tower Now Available!

Some time ago, the wind began to sing of death in the Sision River Valley, and if purgatory was a song, Glovakians are now listening to it.  The source of  this soul-crushing music was tracked to 90 miles northwest of Ambir What was found?   A massive, oddly built stone tower that wasn't there before. 

Word quickly spread and the curious set out in droves.  Many turned back however, as every passing day the music got worse, but a brave, or foolish few, managed to make camp and eventually go inside.  If anyone’s made it out, no one really knows, but there’s no shortage of rumors as to what's really going on in the place that has come to be known as, Sision Tower.

Sision Tower is an OSR styled, vertical dungeon-crawl where the PCs explore an odd domain of Holy origins.  Here, they will test their survival skills as well as their Faith.  Here, they will meet Saints and Seraphs.  Here, in the struggle between Law and Chaos they have to decide.......Plunder?? ...Sacrifice??...or Both!!!

Sision Tower includes:

  • All original black and white art.
  • Over a dozen, fully illustrated, new magic items.
  • Unique monsters and a sample setting.
  • A vertical dungeon crawl of 35 rooms.
  • A spiritual setting in the same vein as Praise the Fallen.

Sision Tower is designed to challenge character levels 3-5 and is easily used with most traditional fantasy role-playing systems.  39 printer-friendly pages, now available at DriveThruRPG!   

For all who purchase...Thank You!


  1. Grabbed this after seeing Melan's review at Beyond Formalhaut, though I would have done so without that. There are still ramifications from Praise the Fallen playing out in my game, so I will see if this might fit in with them. And will be more attentive to posts here so I know when you have more work. Thanks!

  2. Thank you Handy. I read what you've done with Praise the Fallen and it sounds awesome! Melan's review absolutely blew me away. As for what's next, I'm still brainstorming that. I seem to be heading toward the Phaen Moors, Witches? Angels? Some combination there of??? I probably shouldn't say anything, because it could end up being something completely different. We'll see. Once again, thank you!

  3. Sounds great! What the Phaen Witch's motivation is ended up being somewhat crucial in our game -- where her loyalties or ambitions lie. And whether she might want a partner ...

    1. In many ways she's the star of the show (aside from the creepy statues) and I didn't add her in until I was nearly finished writing, as I felt that the module needed an x-factor. I know I wrote that she would fight to the death at the end, but she would only do so to defend the Fallen if he had been revived. The cultists are merely a means to an end for her, but she would be absolutely devoted to the Fallen if they managed to raise him. Sounds like you're using her perfectly!


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