Sunday, January 26, 2020

Esoteric Enterprises: Character Sheets

Mystic?  Mercenary?

Emmy Allen's Esoteric Enterprises arrived on my door-step about a week ago and after flipping through the book several times, I realized -- no character sheet.  I knew what I'd be doing for the next few days.

I like the cadence of Emmy's writing -- reminds me of my favorite Lamentations books.  What a cool game..... 

So, here are a few character sheets.  The first two are called Basic because they have wider lines to write on.  The Standard version has narrower information lines for smaller writing and potentially more info.  The Circuits version adds circuitry for flavor and a reminder of where certain bonuses are applied.  Each version has a sheet that uses dice pips for skills, and one that uses empty boxes.

Hopefully you find them useful as you seek black market treasures in the tunnels beneath the tunnels below.


  1. Dig the symbol in the middle of the stat sheet. Without the eye it's not so sinister yet remains esoteric - perhaps as an alchemical basis to the char.

    1. Thanks Chris, lots of possibilities with this game.

  2. This is verrrry pretty. I like what you've done.


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